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It is with a heavy heart that I formally announce my retirement from Rockman refurbs. It has been 10 wonderful years; however, I have decided that in order to start new and exciting chapters in my life, I can no longer sit at the refurb bench and watch other aspects of life pass me by. We will keep this website live for as long as possible and available to all Rockman gear heads since it holds a wealth of information and was such a big part of our lives.

My God calls me, my band calls me, my family and relationships call me, and my conscience calls me to other endeavors. I would like to thank the many people that allowed me to be a part of their life, their sound, and their dreams… both on and off the stage, in and out of the studio. There are so many people that have been a part of this family that I could not possibly thank everyone personally, so please accept this to include each and every ONE of YOU that have made my Rockman excursion worth every minute of my time. It was an awesome ride!

Special thanks to my very good friend, PSRR partner and webmaster, Rick (iRockman.com), my very good friend and cohort in all things Rackmount Concepts, Vince, my very good friend and fellow designer, Johnny Mason, and my very good friend and engineer, Marc (Rockman.fr)

In retirement, I will be able to be reached for EMERGENCY work by appointment only and at a premium cost due to my quality craftsmanship and expertise. However, I will not be able to entertain any refurbs, mods, or custom work.

Honestly, my mind and spirit will be elsewhere…but I will keep the soldering iron close by… but no promises.

May God richly bless each and every one of you with a peace that passes understanding.

Sincerely, David Accomando

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PerfectSound Rock Refurbs (PSRR) was formed in 2004 with the hopes of becoming a beacon of light for countless Rockman Rockmodule users. The last 20 years haven't been kind to these wonderful "blue units", making it necessary to refurbish countless numbers of Sustainors, Instrument EQ's, Stereo Choruses, Smart Gates, Distortion Generators, Guitar Compressors, Midi Octopi, and Stereo Echos, along with numerous accessories, and midi preamps.

www.iROCKMAN.com (our other sister website) is an additional Rockman related site that deals primarily with parts and documents for the Rockman gear.

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